About Me

I’m a 23 year old programmer, geek, a software engineer at Toptal and Master’s student at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I enjoy watching movies and reading books. My favourite author / book is Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series. I love music, especially classical rock. Here is my Spotify playlist where I gathered my all-time favourites. I used to draw and publish my own webcomics, mostly about computer science and with a touch of philosophy. Last but not least, I play the piano.

I was born in Izmir and moved to Istanbul for college. Now I live in Brussels, studying at VUB. I had many work experiences and took quite a few responsibilities, you can find more about those here. My main field of interests is web, and I also take interest in computer networks and semantic web technologies. As for my professional career, I work as a remote full-stack developer at Toptal. Click here to visit my Toptal profile. Finally, you can learn about my projects / works from here. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be glad to get back to you. Thank you for visiting my website.

History of oguzgelal.com


Current Version

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I always took my own website seriously, even though I was too lazy to build a decent one for myself. So I used WordPress for this version, I hope you like what you see. Thanks for visiting my website!


Old Version

There is a saying, the cobbler's son has no shoes. I build amazing and complicated stuff for my clients, however I'm suddenly too busy when it comes to my own website. I tried to make this version look good, but honestly I didn't care much about the backend. At some point updating my website started to get annoying, so I gave in, took the easy way out and decided to re-build it, this time using a CMS.



Early Version

This is the early version, first version I published. I was at college when I built it. It served as my website until I graduated and decided that I need a better one. Not to mention, the data is not updated in this website!



First Version

This is the very first version of my website. I attempted to build it when I first start learning web development. Sadly, I never get to publish it. Funny thing is, I recall failing to fix an issue with the yellow tables. I remember my rage quit, with the intention to revisit. I never did, until this moment. I fixed that issue before publishing it on here.