Takeaway or work-in ?

…This is an admission post for toptal…

Back in highschool, I remember convincing myself that when I become a programmer, I get to take my computer and work whereever I want, within my own schedule. Well, I couldn’t be so wrong…

What does it take to be a good programmer ? Great knowledge and a great computer. Both are things that one can always carry around. And what about the teamwork ? Of course teamwork is very important. I’m not suggesting that a big team developing a complex product should work seperately. In fact, developers working next to eachother would actually increase the efficiency in that scenario. But the thing is, I believe there are many cases where programmers are better of alone.

A few years ago, I was working for a corporate software company and that experience made me realize, programming is nothing like what I’d expect it to be. I had to wake up so early in the morning, drag myself to the bus, take a one and a half hour trip (I can’t sleep in vehicles), go to the office and start working with the sunrise. I was so far from being productive within this intense schedule. I was always feeling blue and it directly effected my will to work. Plus, I didn’t think my wage was fair, considering how long and hard I work. One could say “what could you do, it is life”. Well, I didn’t. It didn’t take me long to realize that this had to change and thats where I started looking for alternative methods of working.

In college, there were plenty of times where I made someone’s homework and get paid for it. That was my favorite way of making money, getting paid for what I made and receiving what I deserved. Only problem was that there wasn’t enough work coming in. Then I thought I might give freelancing websites a shot. They didn’t work great for me.

In freelancing communities, there are unfair competition, and here is why. I would consider myself as perfectionist. What ever I do and whomever I’m doing it for, I would always try to do my very best. Nothing irritates me more than the idea of intentionally delivering a poor job. But at freelancer sites, this was a problem. Since the clients are no experts on what they want, some developers business model was based on delivering low quality codes and thats how they reduced the price. But I couldn’t do that. I devoted serious effort to complete tasks and and eventually it was not worth it.

Recently I found out about Toptal and I’m pretty excited about it. What I understand from Toptal is, it is a hub of developers like me. Developers who doesn’t like the intense schedules of corporate business world. Developers who are better of within their own time schedule. Developers who are willing to work with clients who knows what they want. Perfectionist developers who wants to do good work. I would love to be a part of Toptal community and I believe I will fit right in. I’m really looking forward to join the Toptal Web freelancers group and I hope that happens 🙂


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